Photography GC – I

Photography General Competition I, for the year 2012-2013

Set B –

Geometry | Through The Window


1st –

Hostel 7

geometry 2   through 2



2nd  –

Hostel 7




3rd –

Hostel 4





4th –

Hostel 10




5th –

Hostel  3






Photography GC – I

The Photography General Competition – I, for the year 2012-2013

Set – A
Water | People

1st –

Hostel 8




2nd –

Hostel 5





3rd –

Hostel 14



Water 1



4th  –

Hostel 4





5th –

Hostel 5




Dear All,

Kaladarshan’12 , the Annual Art and Photography Exhibition of IITB is scheduled for the 3rd and 4th of March, 2012. Artworks/Photographs from the entire IIT community is exhibited in Kaladarshan.

Those interested in contributing their work may kindly fill the following form. We will contact you and collect your artworks from your doorstep. Also note that all your artworks and photographs will be duly returned after the exhibition.

Kindly fill the following form:For Students:
For Faculty and Staff members: photographers : Please mail the photographs to with subject ”Photographs for KD”. Kindly mention your contact details in the mail. Please do not send more than 5 photographs per person. Photographers need not fill the above form.
Students can contact following People in their hostels:
Hostel-1         Arpit Agarwal      9769832017
Hostel-2        Divyae Prasad      9757418214
Hostel-2        Vikarnt Raj           8828169828
Hostel-3        Mayur bhalavi      9404089571
Hostel-4        Suresh Chand       8268428602
Hostel-4         Ranjeet kishor     95615583090
Hostel-5         Sanket Totala       9820724734
Hostel-6         Praveen Patel       9757418368
Hostel-7          Sudhanshu           9820719981
Hostel-7          Chandresh            8828186698
Hostel-8          Sameep                  9870633995
Hostel-8          Sachin                     9833421629
Hostel-9           Rakesh                   9820703986
Hostel-10         Nikita                     9975136528
Hostel-11          Anita                       9820711294
Hostel-11          Bharti                     9820707186
Hostel-12         Vikas                     9920736212
Hostel-13         Shomick                 9757059755
Hostel-14          Jim                          9819223919
For any  doubts and queries please feel free to contact:
Vikas Sharma (9920736212)
Institute Secretary, Photography and fine arts
Jim Mathew (9819223919)
Overall coordinator, Kaladarshan-2012
Abhey Singh (9969940207)
Senior Convener, Pixels
Ashwini Meshram (9403593512)
Senior Convener, Rang
Mehul Jain (8828832910)
Convener, Rang & Pixels
Sugandha Singla (9619639892)
Convener, Rang & Pixels
Kanika Goyal (9323181314)
Convener, Rang & Pixels

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I am sorry re...

“Enjoying the first one of the day”
Enjoying the first one of the day