Calender making Competition

General Rules

  • You don’t have to design the layout of the calender.
  • There is two types of entries both will be judge separately
  • First:  You have to send 12 photographs on a theme and you have to mention which photograph is for which month.
  • Second: You have to send “N” no different photographs where N<=12  but you have to mention that which photograph is for which month and you can send only one photograph for each months so for example if you are sending 6 photographs then these 6 photographs should be different from each other and should have tag of 6 different months.
  • for second type of entries judging will be done according to best of the month like best photograph which depict January, Feb and so on.
  • Please note: you can use photos of any date, but it should be clicked by you.
  • Your photos should not contain any water mark.
  • .In case of any discrepancy the entry will be immediately disqualified.
  • Judging criteria will be aesthetic appeal of photographs, over all impact, portray  of theme (for entry one); relevance of photograph with the month (for both the entries)
  • Winning entry of each genre i.e. entry one and two will be used in making calender by IIT Bombay souvenir shop credit will be given to photographer and discount coupons will be given to winners.
  • Any type of editing is allowed
  • For entry-1 there is  no limit on no of entries by one fellow  but for entry-2  maximum 2 entries are allowed to participate again remember that entry-2 is a set of different photographs for different months.


  • Photos should be mail to  by 10th October in zip or rar format  please mention  your name, mobile no in body
  • Subject of the mail should be Photo open competition 
  • Please save your each photograph with name of the month and and your name
  • i.e. january_vikas in both the cases.
15th October midnight

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