Freshiezza Mobile Photography Competition


7 thoughts on “Freshiezza Mobile Photography Competition

  1. @Manju-The standard of photography at IIT Bombay is Awesome.
    These photographs are taken by freshman without any prior knowledge of photography and that too from their 3.2 – 5 MP(maximum) mobile cameras.
    Join the pixels page and see the work of some of our photographers and then only comment.

  2. @ manju with due respect ma’am
    I want to say that IIT Bombay is a technical institute people here pursue photography as a hobby not as a profession, and people here wants to learn photography but a comment by you will demotivate them it would be better if you give the suggestion to improve these photographs rather criticizing them.
    and many of don’t know about you even I don’t know about you so kindly tell us about your self, I am hoping you will be a skilled and experienced artist.
    thank you

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