Dear all,

Kaladarshan’13, the Annual Arts and Photography Exhibition of IITB is scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd of March, 2013.

Artworks/Photographs from the entire IIT community is exhibited in Kaladarshan.

Those interested in contributing their work may kindly fill the following form. We will contact you and collect your artworks from your doorstep. Also note that all your artworks and photographs will be duly returned after the exhibition.

Kindly fill the following form:
For Students: < www.tinyurl.com/students-kd >
For Faculty and Staff members: < www.tinyurl.com/faculty-staff-kd >

For Photographs and Digital Artworks:

Photographers need not fill the above form. Please mail your photographs or digital artworks to < kaladarshan.iitb@gmail.com >
with subject < KD-13 >.
Kindly mention your contact details in the mail.
Please do not send more than 5 photographs per person.


Students can contact following People in their hostels:

Hostel-2        Kranthi Saikam        8879345898
Hostel-2        Tushar Mamodiya  8879345898
Hostel-3        Vibhor Kanojia        8652315253
Hostel-4        Pranav Vijay             7738926372
Hostel-5        Bhavin Chhaya         9819590181
Hostel-7       Saurabh Borkar        9987069973
Hostel-8        Nikhil Shukla            9930201662
Hostel-8        Garvit                          9833421629
Hostel-9        Sandeep Barua         8879006221
Hostel-10     Anuja Chauhan        9975136528
Hostel-13     Aniket Narawad       842156757
For any  doubts and queries please feel free to contact:
Kanika Goyal (9323181314)
Institute Secretary, Photography and fine arts
Mehul Jain (7738701868)
Overall coordinator, Kaladarshan-2013
Vipul Chaudhary (9869662759)
Senior Convener, Pixels
Vikrant Raj (9969733090)
Senior Convener, Rang
Arpit Agarwal (9769832017)
Convener, Rang & Pixels
Pramod Bhakar (9619639892)
Convener, Rang & Pixels
Rahul Jain (989268197)
Convener, Rang & Pixels
Rhythima Shinde (8275602218)
Convener, Rang & Pixels

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