Photography GC-1

Duration 19th Sep to 5th Oct
Last Date of submission 5th Oct
GC type Theme-Based
*Points 30 points

Photography GC Themes: 

2.Rush hours
4. Music
5.Life at IIT Bombay
General Rules:
1.Please note that, every hostel entry should compulsorily contain one and only one photograph on each of the above theme, so every entry as 5 photographs(one on each theme) in it.  i.e. one hostel entry should contain set of 5 photographs.
2. A hostel can submit any number of above entries  for judging.
3. An entry can contain photographs of individual as well as a team can also participate, like an entry can have  photographs clicked by different photographers also.  Bottom line that it is a hostel entry and not an individual entry.
4. Please note that you can not use the same subject and the composition in different entries other wise both the entries will not be eligible for judging for Eg:
     I clicked a photo of guitar for Music Theme at two different angles, so I can’t put these two photos as two different entries entry-1 and entry-2 under the theme Music.
5. Editing has 10% weightage. In photo editing  only adjustment of  hue/saturation; brightness/Contrast; levels are allowed. You can’t crop the photograph and also morphing is not allowed
6. Hostels have to submit both the edited and original entries for judging.
7. There will be a Photoshop workshop on 25th and 26th Sept, so please make sure those hostels who are weak in editing should send their photographers or editors for this workshop.
*8.The last date to Submit photographs is 5th October and this date will surely not be extended.
9.Pics must be from a date later than 19th September.  Make sure that your camera date is set before you click a picture. One without EXIF data (and hence the date) will not be accepted.
*10.In case of any discrepancy, decision of the judge will be final. The entry will be immediately disqualified and a penalty of 5 GC points per entry will be imposed on the hostel.
 Judging criteria:
Depiction of theme 30%
Photography Skills  35%
Aesthetic Appeal  25%
Editing  10%
One suggestion that I want to give to all photographers:
These  themes require a lots of  thought process rather than techniques, I mean just having DSLR cameras is not going to make your hostel win, also you need to think deep and relevant to theme,
and you can also give write-ups for your photographs (Please note it doesn’t have any points. but will be helpful to share your views while you were taking a photograph, in front of judge)
For more details, contact your hostel PFA secretary

One thought on “Photography GC-1

  1. Vikas Sharma
    Institute Photography and Fine Arts Secretary
    IIT Bombay.


    What is your background in Art and Photography ? Do let me know, as you are inviting people without knowing what the plans are !

    Thanks & best regards,

    ~ Manju Bose

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